About Us

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Bridge Marine Science – Constantly Innovating for Excellence

Bridge Marine Science is a global enterprise committed to providing quality marine services. We provide marine science expertise to various industries. Established a few years back, we have witnessed a significant expansion in recent times with our team now possessing combined decades of experience that allows us to deliver optimally.

Our core services include Aquaculture Services, Coral and Other Benthos, Water Quality Monitoring, Marine Surveys, Ecotoxicology, and Planning and Assessments. And through these services, we have consistently provided quality marine services for the benefits of our clients. In turn, this makes us a leading option for Global Marine Science Expertise.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a leading provider of efficient, quality, and safe marine services all over the world. We hope to become the first pick among clients when a need for marine services arises.

Our Mission

For us to achieve our vision, Bridge Marine Services will:

  • Embrace new and emerging technologies to ensure optimal service delivery
  • Implement an Integrated Management System that conforms with leading industry standards
  • Operate as a team with our clients, stakeholders, regulatory agencies, other governmental bodies and agency, and the maritime industry at large
  • Exercise due diligence in our activities to avoid environmental pollution and record zero incidents
  • Identify risks and create safeguards
  • Ensure complete client satisfaction by offering an Integrated Value loaded Marine solutions
  • Create a culture that promotes safety awareness
  • Ensure constant improvement of Bridge Marine Science overall performance

Our Values

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We understand that a value lacking organisation can only do so little. As such, we identify ourselves with specific core values which we adhere to in our service delivery. Our values include:

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Professionalism and Accountability

We understand your reliance on us for your business stability and growth. As such, we adhere to the highest level of professionalism in our service delivery. We couple this with accountability. We ensure all our decisions are in your best interest and we can prove them to you.

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At Bridge Marine Science, we accept that we exist because of you. As such, we tailor all our services based on your need and situation. We ensure we can provide solutions that fit your needs and achieves all your goals within the marine industry.

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Ethical Business Practices

Today, we are renowned for our integrity and fair practice.  This is because we have prioritised and made it the focal point of our practice and service delivery. We ensure that we are fair to our competitors, other industry stakeholders, and above all, to you, our client.

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We recognise that we are only as relevant as the service we provide. As such, we have made it at the core of our delivery to ensure we are renowned for excellence. Our delivery is always of the highest quality matching industry standards and exceeding it. We are continually redefining success and moving the goal post forward.

We welcome you to join our family, where we assure professional and exceptional service delivery. You can reach us through any of our contact details.