Common Mistakes in Academic Research Writing You Should Avoid

Academic research writing is a style that requires a higher standard of writing. These assignments have strict specifications and long lengths and can be challenging to students- whether they are completing their first or their fiftieth writing assignment. To keep your top grade, be sure to avoid the following common writing mistakes.

  • Using Filler Words and Sentences

    Sometimes, even though we spend weeks researching our project, we come up short for the page length or required word count. Students sometimes include ‘fluff’ words. Basically, content that does not add sustenance to the writing. Instead, research additional information that helps prove your main point and include it.

  • Trusting the Computer
  • When you do your final spelling and grammar check, it is likely on the computer since most instructors require writing assignments to be typed. Some students use this to their advantage, or so they think, and use the spelling and grammar checker of the writing software they are using. While this is useful, it should not be the only means of proofreading your work. If you do not want to proofread yourself, consider checking out a site that can write papers online to proofread your work.

  • Being Unorganized
  • It can be easy to get lost as you dive into your research. The problem is when it is time to include the in-text citations and write the reference page, it can be impossible to find out where each of your facts came from. Instead of facing this hurdle, come up with an organization beforehand. Consider using a different highlight color to color code facts from different sources or a color-coded note card system.

  • Falling Behind
  • Even students with the best intentions to complete their assignments end up busy. In this instance, the deadline often sneaks up on them. In this case, you may be wondering “Where can I find someone to do my research paper for me?” Even if you believe that you cannot possibly meet the deadline

  • Having a Topic Too Broad or Too Narrow
  • A topic that does not fit in the project guidelines will be very difficult to use. If you choose a topic that is too broad, you will find too many resources and too much information as you gather information. If you choose a topic that is too narrow, you will not be able to meet the length requirements for the paper.

  • Using Unreliable Sources
  • The facts that you use to explore your research topic are only as good as the sources they come from. Including unreliable sources discredits your paper. In some cases, you may even find that your professor gives you a lower grade because of it. To avoid this, check educational websites, libraries, and credible archives for useful sources.

  • Not Enlisting Help
  • Students often feel obligated to tackle their assignments alone. However, avoiding research paper help altogether limits your capabilities. For example, a teacher or classmate may let you bounce ideas back and forth to come up with new topics. You may also find someone willing to proofread your work for you and give an outsider’s perspective on your success at proving (or disproving) your question.

The first step in avoiding a mistake is knowing it exists. To write the best research paper, be sure to avoid the mistakes listed above.