Coral and Other Benthos

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Today, coral reefs around the world face extreme uncertainty; more so, the reported transition to microalgae from corals. We understand these realities. As such, at Bridge Marine Science, we offer ecosystem-based management and monitoring of coral reefs. We contribute immensely to ensure your activities do not contribute to the continuing impacts on coral reefs. In turn, we guarantee you can comply with your obligation for the protection of marine life.

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Our services cut across the following areas:

Reducing Effects around Construction

We understand that sediments during various marine construction activities cause different impacts that extend beyond direct footprints. We understand the wide range of effects that can result from continuous footprints. From light reduction to interference with various psychological processes to sediment smothering, these can pose severe issues.

At Bridge Marine Science, we have an expert team that can predict and identify a critical threshold level for suspended sediments. Thanks to our past projects and expertise, we have the technical know-how to help you manage your activities to ensure it stays within the recommended level.


Restoring Habitats

While we understand that habitat loss is best prevented, we know that it is sometimes unavoidable. As such, our team has extensive experience with practical techniques that can create new reefal habitats. We are also aware of programmes that can accelerate the benthic communities colonisation with bare substrates.

Monitoring Effects and Impacts

We have considerable experience in monitoring corals, filter feeders, sponges, microalgae, and seagrass. We adopt the industry-leading techniques that allow us to engage in both diver-less and diver-based evaluation and monitoring.  We personalise our systems and procedures to meet up with your specific site needs.

Our techniques can cater to large and small areas. Regardless of the needs, whether low-level precision to high-level precision, we ensure you can be aware of every change. However, we do not just end there; we ensure that we can explain the cause of such changes.

Why Bridge Marine Science

We are an industry-leading option because of the following:

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Industry-Leading Procedures

We render our services under this category with the use of industry-leading procedures and processes. Over the years, we have developed techniques thanks to our innovation that have become the operational standard across the industry. This enables us to deliver thanks to our in-depth understanding of the necessary procedures and techniques.

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Technological Application

We continue to apply novel technological development to ensure that our services are top-notch. We leverage the power of technology to promote operational efficiency and respond effectively to novel issues.

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With us, you can count on expert service delivery. We are a team of experts with combined decades of experience in coral and other benthos. We have considerable experience in construction and dredging projects that aids our delivery.

We welcome you to join our family, where we assure professional and exceptional coral and other benthos service offerings. You can reach us through any of our contact details.