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At Bridge Marine Science we offer ecotoxicology services which we provide to clients as professional consulting. Our ecotoxicology service offering is available to a wide range of industries ranging from mining, project development such as sediment disturbance and dredging, processing, and desalination.

We have extensive experience in the study of the effect of municipal and industrial effluent on aquatic life. We are also an industry-leading service provider when it comes to developing acceptable and adequate water quality thresholds for unique marine environments.

Our ecotoxicology services include the following:


Monitoring Programs

We develop and design comprehensive monitoring programs to determine the effect of municipal and industrial effluent on aquatic organism. Our program assesses the impacts and consequences of wastewater discharge from coal mines, metal, paper mills and pulp, municipal discharges, oil sands facilities. We also implement monitoring programs.

Our monitoring programs include:

  • Developing guidelines specific to sites
  • Focused research about the toxicity of specific chemical contaminants
  • Direct Toxicity Assessment of urban or industrial discharge waters

Toxicity Identification Evaluations

We engage in extensive testing and identification of specific elements of industrial discharges and effluent that causes environmental effects. Through our research, we ensure you can effectively address the causes of toxicity.

Water Quality Thresholds

We engage in the development of site-specific quality thresholds for water bodies. With the use of toxicity-based systems, inputs from affected local areas, and a range of natural variability, we determine the thresholds for ions and metals in aquatic environments.

Risk Assessment

We engage in quantitative risk evaluation and assessments of contaminants within the environments. Our inspection includes statistical assessments and comprehensive review of historic monitoring results. Our risk assessment cut across the following areas

  • Urbane and industrial water discharges
  • Deep-sea sediment load discharge


Our ecotoxicology service offerings apply to the following areas:

  • Project environmental approval
  • Management of desalination, mines, and various industrial discharges
  • Investigation of aquatic death and impact claims of stakeholders to aquatic life
  • Guideline development for risk minimisation and project management

Why Bridge Marine Science

We are an industry-leading option because of the following:

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Expert Team

At Bridge Marine Science, we possess the expertise of a multidisciplinary team. Our team possess considerable experience in various aspects of aquatic monitoring and environmental science. Our team have designed and implemented various monitoring programs for multiple industries. Our expertise is not just national; we have serviced the international community and delivered efficiently.

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At Bridge Marine Science, our services are personalised. We undertake in-depth research into specific sites to ensure our services are practical and applicable to your circumstances.

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We found our service on quality delivery. Our risk assessment is comprehensive to ensure we cover the field. We design our monitoring programs and implement them with quality delivery as our watchword. You can always count on excellent with us.

We welcome you to join our family, where we assure professional and exceptional ecotoxicology service offerings. You can reach us through any of our contact details.