A Collection of Extraordinary Research Paper Topics in Science

Science is a broad field with plenty of things for students to learn. In many cases, the learning process is taught through research paper assignments, which help students understand how to find information and answer their own tough research questions. These science topics in different fields are a great place to start.


The scientific field of physiology studies the function of living organisms. Here is a little research paper help with possible topics:

  • Plastic Surgery, Aging, and the Trends
  • The Physiological Long-Term Effects of Medication on the Brain
  • How Food Allergies Physically Affect the Body


Chemistry is the scientific study of different substances and how they interact with the environment. Some choice chemistry topics include:

  • Polymers, 3-D Printing, and Implications for the Future
  • Chemistry and Terrorism: Should the Availability of this Knowledge be Restricted?
  • The pH Balance of the Human Body and Their Diets

Physical Science

This type of research paper writing involves the study of the Earth and physical matter. Good subjects for your assignment include:

  • Regulation of Invasive Species: When Should the Government Step in and Help
  • How Science Allows Us to Tamper with Weather Systems and Possible Effects
  • Essential Steps to Protecting Groundwater

Some Interesting Research Questions

Now that you have a few topic ideas, check out these questions to get your creative juices flowing. Use one of these topics or come up with a related idea in an area that interests you.

  1. What harm or benefits come to wild animals that are given interaction with humans?
  2. How necessary is space exploration? Explain your opinion.
  3. What evidence is for or against chronic fatigue as being an actual disease? Does it have a cause and is there a possibility for a cure?
  4. What is the possible role of nanotechnology in treating cancer patients?
  5. Why do the breast cancer rates of women continue to rise?
  6. Do you think that those against vaccinations will one day cause a pandemic?
  7. Do you think differences in technologies between first world and third world countries effect a doctor’s abilities? Do doctors rely on high-tech medical imaging too much?
  8. What effect does sleep deprivation have on individual areas of the body and overall health?
  9. Do genetics play a role in cancer? Are there some instances where genetics may be the sole cause?
  10. Why has polio arisen after so long and how can it be eradicated again?
  11. How has the invention of the Hubble telescope influenced planetary and space science?
  12. Is it likely that a comet or asteroid will eventually strike the earth and cause widespread devastation? What can be done to prepare for this event?
  13. What ways have robotics changed the medical field? Consider along the lines of robotic limbs and how they have helped people lead more normal lives.
  14. What are some of the possible causes for epilepsy? What are some of the best courses of treatment?
  15. How effective is the flu vaccine? Why doesn’t it work for every instance of the flu?

Instead of panicking as you consider research paper ideas, consider some of the topics above. Choose something that interests you, learn what you can, and present your findings. If science isn’t for you and you find yourself thinking, “I need someone to do my research paper,” you can look on the Internet to find information of writing services that can help too.