How To Compose A Winning Research Paper About Smoking

Smoking is a terrible habit that is killing millions around the world every year. Due to the number of proven scientific studies that smoking does in fact kill a “SMOKING KILLS” sign is placed on every box of cigarettes, yet addicts are still not motivated enough to kick the habit. Here are some hints and tips to assist you in composing a winning research paper about smoking.

  1. Read: You won’t find it difficult to find research material on smoking because there is so much available. A trip to your local library will provide you with an avalanche of books, scientific magazines and research studies on the topic of smoking. Make sure that you read a wide range of information to ensure that your essay is packed full of useful information. You should also mark the pages that you will use so that you can find them easily when you are writing your paper.

  2. Research materials: Now that you have spent some time reading about the smoking you decide what information you will use for your research materials. Make notes of all the main points you will use in your paper and return to them when you start the writing process.

  3. Brainstorm: This is the process of writing down everything that comes to mind about when you think of smoking. Brainstorming is not for the purpose of using what you write but so that you can get used to thinking outside of the box about your subject. During the writing process you can return to your brainstorming notes and see whether you can use anything.

  4. Outline: You have read, collected your research materials and brainstormed some ideas, now it’s time to write out an outline. This serves as a map to guide you during the process of writing your research paper. It should be a basic outline detailing what you are going to write in your introduction, main body and conclusion.

  5. Writing: Writing your paper is the easiest part now that you have all of the above information. This is where you develop your argument into a full essay. Your paper should be made up of an introduction, a main body and a conclusion.

  6. Introduction: The introduction is the most important part of your essay because it is here that you draw your reader in as well as let them know what the paper is about.

  7. Main body: Your main body should be made up of three arguments to defend your topic. List them in descending order with the second strongest at the top, the weakest in the middle and the strongest argument at the end of the main body.

  8. Conclusion: Here you will tie in all the points of your essay and make one last attempt to convince the reader that of your argument.

Writing a quality research paper takes a lot of practice, as you persevere and keep writing not just as the assignments are given to you but also in your spare time you will soon become an expert at writing research papers.