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At Bridge Marine Services, we offer a wide range of surveying services to all kinds of vessels. We are a team of expert who offers our expertise in the inspection of navigation vessels, objects operated on and in oil rigs and water, and transport options at sea.

We are wholly concerned about the safety of vessels and assets on the sea. As such, we offer a holistic and comprehensive examination of boats to ensure full compliance with necessary safety standards. Our surveys do not just stop there. We are specialist with the creation and implementation of personalised survey reports. With this, you can assess your status and cater for future reference needs.

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Our specialisation cut across the following areas:

Service 1

Pre-Purchase Survey

Regardless of your industry, whether oil and gas or ports and dredging, we possess considerable experience addressing pre-purchase surveys on various vessels. Whether you have an oil tanker, or a bull carrier, or wind farm vessels, we can assist you throughout the buying process.

We identify standard requirements while taking into consideration your specific condition. We ensure you can make the best possible decision.

Service 2

Vessel Damage Survey

Regardless of your position, underwriter, captain, or owner, dealing with damaged vessels and vessel damage survey can be quite challenging. During this process, we can step in and ensure we guide you through the process. Regardless of your vessel, irrespective of the damage, we provide, we can help you get a positive result considering your circumstances.

Service 4

Pre-Sale Surveys

You might just be interested in selling your vessel. Trust us; we are experts with pre-sale surveys. We provide in-depth examination and survey that ensures you are well informed as you enter negotiations. We are committed to ensuring you can identify all points that need your attention.

Service 5

Risk Management Survey

We recognise that damage to your vessel, whether to your ship itself or its passengers, can occur due to a variety of reasons. While this ranges from a human error to system errors, good insight into them can help with risk prevention. At Bridge Marine Science, we specialise in risk management surveys through which you can understand the procedures, training gaps, and processes that can cause disaster. This way, you can develop prevention methods.

Service 6

Vessel Valuation

Getting the right price is as much science as it is an art. At Bridge Marine Science, we have experts and independent surveyors that can help you understand the value of your assets. Our services are available for both banks and owners needing to assess the current value of a vessel. We evaluate your boat and provide an accurate and accessible valuation.


Our specific offerings include:

  • Draft survey or inspection
  • Cargo tanks or ship inspection
  • Deadweight calculation
  • Dry-docking inspection or survey
  • Vessel valuation for financing purposes
  • An estimate of ship or vessel repairs
  • Towing survey and towage and stowage approval
  • Flag survey or inspection
  • Hull and Machinery damage inspection or survey
  • Crude oil ships surveys or inspections
  • New ship construction supervision


We welcome you to join our family, where we assure professional and exceptional marine surveying. You can reach us through any of our contact details.