Mining Near Marine Environments

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Many times, mining operations have a massive impact on the marine world. The most common effect plays out when mining activities lead to discharges into water. Most times, maritime issues may also occur when mining activities take place near water bodies.

At Bridge Marine Services, we are aware of the need for marine advice in your mining projects. We thus undertake to provide excellent service delivery for mining operations. We advise you on the negative impacts of your projects on the marine world. We also ensure your projects comply with all quality standards.

We aim to see successful outcomes from your project at a low cost to the marine environment. We ride on the assurance that our highly professional workforce provides. We seek to be a leading service provider in the mining and maritime industries.

Our Areas of Industry Expertise

We offer services that reflect our depth of experience in the mining and marine industries. Our expertise cut across several service offerings, including planning and assessment, ecotoxicology, and water quality monitoring. Our strength in providing these services lies in our expertise. Thus, here are some of our focus areas in the industry.


We boast a team with experience and skill in consultancy. Our multidisciplinary team possesses sufficient knowledge to provide advice on mining projects. We advise you on the suitability of your mining location and environmental protection issues. Our consultancy also extends to your transportation operations.


Planning and Construction Design

Our wealth of experience and partnerships allow us to plan and design your mining operations from start to finish. We assess your sites and recommend procedures suitable for your projects. We also work with ensuring construction meets and satisfies all environmental standards.

Environmental Regulation and Compliance Procedures

We understand the impact of mining on marine environments. Thus, we are in the best position to address the implications and provide ready solutions to issues that mining activities may raise. We ensure your operations comply with environmental regulations and legal requirements. We have a track record of advising based on procedures that follow sustainable exploitation of resources.

We also concern ourselves with the quality of your projects and the result. We ensure your projects follow quality standards. Moreover, we make sure residue from mining activity does not threaten marine and land life.


Rehabilitation and Mine Closure Planning

Our areas of expertise also extend to post-mining activities. We have significant experience with ensuring that mining locations stay in shape after operations. We undertake landscape studies and advise you on the possible effects of mining activity.

Our team also assist in drawing plans for land reclamation and the prevention of chemical drainage.

Equipment Recommendation

Success in your mining operations and safeguard for marine life depends on quality techniques and equipment use.

Our expertise allows us to analyse the extent of your projects. Through our studies, we can offer recommendations on the best equipment and methods for your mining projects.

We seek to boost the industry with our wealth of experience and quality service delivery. To get started, you can browse the extensive services we offer.