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As a business or player in the marine industry, there is a wide range of documentation and processes that you require to abide by environmental regulation. This documentation can be quite cumbersome and pose compliance problems. At Bridge Marine Science, we understand the need for total compliance with the environmental regulatory framework. As such, we offer our planning and assessment services.

Our services ensure you can comply with the various documentation that is necessary. From habitat maps to impact assessment to environmental management plans, and sediment contaminant reports, we ensure you are up to date with compliance. We are aware of the various format requirements prescribed by legislation. As such, we can ensure you meet every requirement without putting you at a disadvantage even concerning your development proponents.

 Our service offerings under planning and assessment cut across the following categories:


Environmental Impacts Assessments

We function to offer specialist inputs and marine components to you in your broader assessment. We have considerable experience in impact assessments thanks to our previous projects. As such, we can cover the field and ensure we cater for all relevant metrics.

Marine Management Plans

At Bridge Marine Science, we provide concise, accurate, and functional documents through which you can plan objectives and monitor outcomes. Over the years, we have been at the heart of creating Marine Management Plans for both private and regulatory bodies. We also complement them with a monitoring plan that ensures you can test outcomes.

Our Marine Management Plans are relevant to both isolated areas and multi-user regions. We also cater to areas where management role stays with a developer alone.

Dredging & Spoil Disposal Management Plans

At Bridge Marine Science, we develop dredging & spoil disposal management plan to capture key management actions and triggers. Our plans under this category are mostly formulaic with little or no text. Our designs cater to both the implementation plans and necessary monitoring systems.

Why Bridge Marine Science

We are an industry-leading option because of the following:

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Industry-Leading Procedures

We render our services under this category with the use of industry-leading procedures and processes. Our plans are a result of thorough research, hours of efforts and industry-leading methods. We ensure we engage in proper consultation with all necessary stakeholder. Through our procedure, we guarantee quality service delivery.

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Comprehensive Delivery

Our service offering under this category is comprehensive. We are committed to ensuring we address all critical issues that concern your planning and assessment. That is why our plans come with a monitoring plan. This way, you can monitor output against expected outputs.

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With us, you can count on expert service delivery. We are a team of experts with combined decades of experience in planning and assessment. We have considerable experience in the necessary regulatory framework that aids our delivery. Regardless of your industry, we ensure we cover your needs.

We welcome you to join our family, where we assure professional and exceptional marine planning and assessment service offerings. You can reach us through any of our contact details.