Ports & Dredging

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The shipping industry depends on ports to survive. However, sediments and natural elements may threaten ports and harbours. That’s why we exist at Bridge Marine Science. We offer you comprehensive solutions to challenges in port development and dredging.

We aim to provide you with a wide range of services that runs from site selection, project mapping till execution. We base our services on concrete approaches. We also seek to provide efficient operations while meeting environmental objectives. Given our track record of excellent service delivery, you can trust us with your ports and dredging projects.


Our Areas of Industry Expertise

As part of our involvement with the ports and dredging industry, we provide you with deals from our range of services. These include planning and assessments and marine surveys. We also undertake water quality monitoring. To launch these services, we specialise in the following.

Terminal and Ports Planning

At Bridge Marine Science, we help you with developing a plan for your terminals and ports. We offer advice on location, economic considerations, and technical procedures for your port projects. We track your project from inception to execution. We conduct feasibility tests on your proposed ports and assess their viability.

Design of Port Basins and Navigation Channels

Thanks to our highly experienced groups, we design port basins and turning areas for vessels. We collect information on your location and access channels for vessel approach and navigation.


We help you provide protective structures for your ports. Through the team’s vast knowledge, we can advise on suitable breakwaters. In constructing protective systems, we ensure to provide you with cost-effective breakwaters. Our service is excellent and meets legal requirements.

Sediments, Waves, and Currents Assessment

At Bridge Marine Science, we employ technology to provide accurate predictions of natural elements. Our service extends to using our assessments in the design of breakwaters and ship handling for your ports.

Dredging Consultancy

We offer expert advisory services on your dredging project. We walk you through all the stages of your dredging project. Our service involves drawing up the design, master plan, and budget. We also recommend procedures and equipment for your dredging operations.

We employ our partnerships to assist and advise you on suitable and efficient dredging solutions. These solutions range from capital dredging to maintenance dredging and land reclamation.

Dredging Equipment

We specially provide recommendations on the best tools and equipment for your dredging project. We analyse the specifications of your dredger and its fitness for your operation.


Site Supervision and Control

At Bridge Marine Science, we work hand in hand with your engineers and staff. We provide them with the required expert data. We monitor your project’s progress. We also offer on-the-job quality tests.

Assessment of Environmental Impact

We recognise that your port and dredging projects have environmental impacts. We work to ensure dredged materials end up in safe places. We also make sure that your ports comply with legal and environmental standards.

We seek to boost the industry with our wealth of experience and quality service delivery. To get started, you can browse the extensive services we offer.