Crafting A Research Paper In Geography In A Few Little Steps

Students pursuing a degree in geography may be considering a job as a cartographer (who creates maps), community development specialist, climatologist (reports on the weather/climate of an area), or a geography teacher. Even students who are not pursuing a degree in geography may find themselves faced with a geography research paper. Fortunately, this type of assignment is easy to write if you know the following steps.

Step 1: Read the Project Guidelines

Some students fail to realize how helpful the project guidelines or grading rubric that their instructor passes out can be. Often, they include specifications that can guide you as you research and then write your geography paper.

Reading the guidelines before you start has two advantages. First, you have a better idea of the overall goal of the project before you start. Second, you learn what is expected so you do not have to make changes to the content of your research paper later.

Step 2: Choosing a Topic

The second critical step is choosing a topic. Start by narrowing down the geography field to one specific area that you want to explore. For example, you could choose to write a population geography paper or a climate geography paper. Once you have narrowed the field, consider checking out a site to buy research papers for topic ideas.

Step 3: Gathering Your Information

After you have your topic approved, you are ready to collect the information you need to answer your research question. The best places to look include online library archives and archives through other educational websites. These types of resources are preferred because they have credible information. When you look online, you must be cautious of unreliable and inaccurate sources. You also must do more work to check facts and ensure you have found reliable information.

Step 4: Creating an Outline and Rough Draft

If you take the time to write a well thought out outline, you will reduce the amount of time you spend writing. Write your geography-related research question or thesis statement across the top of your paper to guide you as you write. Then, write a detailed outline. When it is time to write the first draft, you will just need to turn your information into sentences.

Step 5: Proofreading and Writing the Final Copy

If you have written the first draft of your research paper in a computer program, you can easily check for mistakes on the same copy you will eventually submit. Read this through twice. First, check the flow of the writing and the consistency of style. Second, look for errors in spelling and grammar. While you can use the spelling and grammar checker that is included in most writing programs, you should not rely on this alone. Computer software does not catch every mistake.

As you create your college research paper on geography, keep the above steps in mind. This will make this, as well as any other academic research writing that you do, significantly easier.