Water Quality Monitoring

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At Bridge Marine Science, we offer water quality monitoring services. We gear our services to offer insight, both spatial and temporal into the dynamics, trends, and ecological status of marine waters. We examine the turbidity, chlorophyll-a, suspended matter, trophic state classification, and harmful algae bloom when delivering on our service offerings.

We are a team of experts. As such, we offer in-depth analysis of marine waters to ascertain water quality. Thanks to our expertise, we also regularly function as an expert analyst for various third-party systems and programs. Our water quality monitoring services are both long and short term. Regardless of your activity, we are available to provide our assistance.


With our service, we support water management by providing the exact localisation of existing or emerging algae blooms. We also ensure easily accessible information thanks to our customised reporting tools and online platform. In turn, this allows you to minimise risk to safety, environment, and human health.

We own and maintain a wide range of equipment that is relevant to our service delivery. Our equipment ranging from in situ loggers to handheld loggers allows us to deliver. We utilise only quality equipment equipped with modern technologies that ensure we can design and implement monitoring programs.

You can contact us to tap into our water quality monitoring service.

Our services cut across the following areas:
  • We design, deploy and manage telemetered instruments that ensure real-time monitoring and evaluation of water quality. Our services here include data interpretation, reporting, and management.
  • Constant in situ supervision of turbidity, temperature, and light in remote marine areas. Our services under this category include instrument maintenance and instrument recovery
  • Boat-based quality assessment efforts to quantify the relationship between light attenuation, turbidity, remote imaging (such as MODIS), and suspended sediment assiduities
  • Remote sensing evaluation of plumes having elevated SSC, utilising Sentinel-II, MODIS, and various other essential platforms

Why Bridge Marine Science

We are an industry-leading option because of the following:

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Cutting-Edge Technologies and Algorithms

Our water quality monitoring services are a result of a cutting-edge technology system that ensures we can deliver accurate information. We are continually evolving and adopting newer technologies. We embrace them to provide quantitative and harmonised geospatial data for your benefits.

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Expert Team

In addition to our state-of-the-art algorithms and technology, with us, you can count on an expert team to manage your service delivery. We are a team of experts with combined decades of experience in monitoring water quality. Regardless of your industry, you can count on us to apply our expertise to ensure we cover your needs.

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Comprehensive Delivery

Our service offering under this category is comprehensive. We are committed to ensuring we address all critical issues that concern your water quality monitoring. Our services cut across data analysis, solution development, quality modelling, and data management.

We welcome you to join our family, where we assure professional and exceptional marine water monitoring service offerings. You can reach us through any of our contact details.